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Time Management Webinar for Women Entrepreneurs by NIX United

On February 24th at 11 AM (EST), NIX United's Director of Business Development, Minal Patel, will host a webinar titled "Ms. Management: How to Invest and Spend your Time Wisely."

Women entrepreneurs aimed at empowering women in business will join the webinar to discuss four essential topics: planning, mentorship, perceptions, and accountability. Those interested can attend the live stream of the webinar or view the recording after the webinar takes place—more information can be found on the event’s page on LinkedIn.

About Guest Speakers

Jeanmarie Loria, CEO & Owner of Advize Health, will speak about how mitigation planning can help maximize the time spent in business and will uncover the need for mentors.

Emily Griffith, CEO & Founder of Felt Write, will share the importance of mental health and how to avoid burnout to remain energized and proactive.

Speakers will also offer practical tips and methods that they use to remain balanced and in harmony in their daily lives, which can be helpful for planning schedules efficiently.

About The Host

As the outstanding leader and enthusiast among local business representatives, Minal Patel has expertise in organizing in-person events focused on advancing economic sustainability. Among such events is Coffee Connection 2021, where all women entrepreneurs and professionals in the greater Tampa Bay area were invited to establish mutually beneficial relationships to grow successful businesses. Minal is a mom of two girls and invests her time in youth empowerment as a mentor and coach for Girls on the Run.

About NIX United

NIX United is a global software engineering company with more than 2500 professionals and comprehensive expertise across multiple business and technology verticals. Since 1994, we have empowered tech companies, SaaS providers, and multinational enterprises with top-of-the-line solutions that extend their capabilities and contribute to paving their way in industry leadership. NIX United is trusted by world-renowned companies, enhancing their businesses and assisting in achieving new heights through our technology solutions.

TITLE: NIX United Holds Webinar for Women in Business (50)

H1: Women in Business — Time Management Tips from NIX United (56)

Description: On February 24th, Minal Patel will moderate an online discussion on work-life balance in the new reality with female entrepreneurs from Tampa. (142)

Excerpt: Today, work-life balance is a benchmark for business women. NIX United presents a new webinar on staying balanced and proactive. (134)

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