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The St Petersburg Arts Alliance announces 2023 Individual Artist Grant Program Awardees!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: St. Petersburg, FL (August 17, 2023) - In our ninth year, the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance (SPAA) has awarded FOUR artists with a $5,000 grant each!  SPAA partnered with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs to establish an Individual Artist Grant Program in 2015 and in 2023 we increased the grant funding from $1,000 to $5,000.  This allowed each grantee the freedom to create without the additional burden of seeking matching funds, or reducing the scope of their project, which could possibly limit the potential of their imagination and the end results. 

This year’s grant recipients include a wide array of artists and projects elevated through this grant in the visual, literary, performance, and multi-media arts.  The scope and reach of each project is more extensive, due to what can be accomplished with more funding. This means more significant professional development opportunities for the artists themselves, but more importantly, deeper and broader community impact. 


These are not only artists, they are citizen artists, endeavoring to uplift and connect community members using their work.  There were also extensive collaborations in these projects with artists working with local nonprofits, community leaders, and additional artists to bring their projects to life.


Meet the recipients

TRICIA LYNN BUSH – Multi-Media Arts


Tricia will be creating works of art featuring endangered, threatened or vulnerable species and their habitats in several representational larger scale paintings.  Using technology, viewers will be immersed in a narrative about the painting experience and a video journal will be captured that will be looped at the exhibitions to highlight the process of artistic development for this body of work.


Secondary works will be created by others through community engagement, specifically youth, elderly and/or veterans who traditionally have limited exposure to the arts.  The goal is to help humans connect with conservation and learn about Florida’s endangered or threatened wildlife. 


Tricia is a Florida resident and practiced as a Registered Nurse in healthcare administration and adult education while pursuing and advancing her skills and competence in painting.   Read more about Tricia here.



SHEILA COWLEY – Literary & Performing Arts

 Professional visual and performing artists from Sheila Cowley’s Sparks Collaborative Ensemble will create collaborative, multi-arts performances for children based on her plays, and produce long-lasting online stories including 5 videos in Spanish and new stories illustrated by young artists. 


As St. Petersburg’s vibrant LGBTQIA+ community is under threat in Florida, one of these stories is “Twice as Spectacular” which celebrates and honors LGBTQIA+ parents, kids and families – along with single-parent families, step and blended families, loving guardians and families that you create yourself. 


As Americans of Latinx heritage and immigrants are under threat in the U.S., this project employs Latinx performing artists and celebrates the Spanish language – making stories accessible to families who speak Spanish at home, and creating engaging arts-based resources for children learning Spanish.


As longtime members of the Sparks Collaborative Ensemble, member artists of Creative Clay will be in a leadership position – guiding young artists as they create visual art inspired by stories and working inclusively with Sparks performers.  Through partnerships, this project draws attention to the work of St Pete Pride, Creative Clay, the LGBTQ Resource Center at the Gulfport Library, Daystar Life Center's Food Pantry and Edible Garden, and the ever-diverse Studio@620.


“This grant is an opportunity for me to take a big step forward in creating work for children – moving into live performances and connecting with new organizational partners and audiences.” ~ Sheila Cowley


Sheila Cowley is a playwright and audio producer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She collaborates with actors, dancers, scientists, musicians and visual artists on performance works aimed at inspiring audiences to look up and look sideways, to reach out and embrace this complicated world. She leads the Sparks Collaborative Ensemble, a working group diverse in age, gender identity, ethnicity, ability and art forms that create joyous performances both for and with kids, elders, neuro-diverse artists, creative adventurers, and you.  Read more about Sheila here.



Tiffany will produce a collaborative gallery show through the Justice Studio art program presented by NOMADstudio using jewelry as a medium to create personal adornments with students inside Pinellas Juvenile Detention Center (JDC).  This project will provide detained youth with meaningful opportunities for creative freedom, expression, learning and growth.  


Throughout December, Tiffany will display the polymer and metal jewelry pieces inside of Justice Studio, where students can resonate with the work they help create. The display will show how the creations by them and their peers can transform into sellable items.


“I seek to inspire them to find creative paths upon their release as a form of wellbeing and as a potential career option.” ~Tiffany Elliot


Within Tiffany’s research she states, “Within the criminal justice literature, there are many reports on the benefits of the arts in engaging individuals in prisons. Programs have included arts projects for juvenile offenders with complex mental health symptoms or behavioral regulation difficulties, with reported improvements in such difficulties as well as increases in academic performance and family functioning.


Tiffany Elliott, GIA Diamonds Graduate and jeweler, is best known for incorporating baroque minimalism into her collections inspired by history, culture, and places across the globe. Her recent work of custom grillz showcased her commitment to push the boundaries and refine her skills, by creating intricate designs that cover the smalls of the

teeth.   Read more about Tiffany here.



POLITA GLYNN – Multi-Media Arts

 Polita will create “Underground History” a documentary film project designed to explore connections between St. Petersburg’s diverse cultural history and emerging community efforts to acknowledge that past in charting the future. The project considers the links between the history and remaining archeological sites of the region’s Indigenous Ancestors, the displaced contemporary African American communities and erased black cemeteries and historic waterways which once created a connectivity for these places and people. 


There will be two film screenings and community discussions that will present a work-in-progress documentary and gather feedback from the audience about the film. 


“Underground History poses the question, if a community fully acknowledges its past, can it develop a deeper sense of place and a more equitable future?” ~Polita Glynn


Polita is a filmmaker, writer and media producer.  From 2005 - 2022, Glynn directed the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation, an international program which supports scientists and experts to advance knowledge and innovation in ocean protection.  Prior to her role with Pew, Glynn worked as a freelance writer/producer and media educator.  Read more about Polita here.

We are grateful to the City of St. Petersburg and its leadership, for understanding and recognizing how art and artists; grow our economy, add to our health and wellbeing and elevate the culture of St. Pete.

SPAA’s Mission

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is the umbrella organization serving this vital arts and cultural community.  We do so by driving arts-related economic development and funding, advocating for art and artists, educating at all levels and facilitating the growth of our City of the Arts.



August 17, 2023

For Immediate Release                                                                                                     

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