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Kids and Kubs Posting Players Wanted Press

Summer Ball is underway, open to all veterans, rookies, and prospects. No cost. The coming months are the time to get in shape for great fun.

Kids and Kubs Announce:

All player positions are open for male and female players for the 2023-2024 season.

Kids and Kubs (aka Three-Quarter Century Softball Club) announced that Summer softball play is available and open to all veterans, rookies, and prospects. No cost.

Players age 74 and above can begin preparing to open the Kids and Kubs Intraclub season on October 31, 2023. Those under 74 may join the Summer sessions at no cost.

The Club is pausing batting practice and pickup games because of the heat and health concerns. “Summer Ball” will resume Tuesday, August 15, weather permitting.

  Pickup games on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 AM are underway and will continue until late November. The following months are the time to get in shape for great fun and excellent exercise--the information is available from Mike Vander Syde at 727-249-2496  or by calling the Club office at 727-893-7108. 

Pickup games occur at 901 North Shore Park Blvd. The home diamond for the team is across the street from the St.Petersburg Aquatic Center, 9th Avenue, and North Shore Drive, NE. Prior softball experience is not required, although that is helpful.

Club membership is not required for Summer Ball players, preferred age 60 and above; however, applicants to Club during the probationary period shall demonstrate at least the minimum ability to catch a ball from 65 feet, hit a batted softball 3 out of 5 pitches, throw overhand at least 50 feet, and run the bases in 30 seconds or less.

The softball Club’s mission, “healthy exercise for men and women over 74 years of age,” has been in business for 93 years. The Club has a history and is creating the future for years to come to make the game of Softball competitive and age-appropriate for senior citizens. Numerous studies have shown that Softball is an excellent activity for promoting the good health of seniors over 75.

Current planning calls for the 23-24 season from November 2023 through March  2024. Games played Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 9 AM. Exhibitions outside of the four-team intraclub competition occur on Saturdays.

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