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ActionCOACH® Tampa Bay Hosting Largest Networking Event in Tampa Bay

ActionCOACH offers event to support businesses in local community.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL: The leader in business coaching services globally, ActionCOACH® hosted by the top 5 firm in the world, ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, is providing the largest networking event in Tampa Bay on February 17th at Armature Works focused on helping business owners in the community survive and thrive through uncertain times. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports “approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.” (Deane, 2023, ActionCOACH Tampa Bay is determined to change this in Tampa Bay by bringing the #1 Business Coach in the world, Founder and CEO of ActionCOACH to the community for a networking and community building event.

Event Details

This event was specially designed to bring businesses from early stage, solo-entrepreneurs to team-driven, scalable owners to broaden their networks, learn how to make more impactful connections in half the time that produce results and have fun doing it at a beautiful location. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we’ve been able to provide more tickets at $47 – reduced from the regular ticket price of $547 – there are a set number available before it goes back to the regular admission rate so get your ticket now. 

“Small business is the lifeblood of any community’s economy. It is imperative we facilitate ways to make more business owners more successful by educating them on fundamentals and practical strategies to achieve their revenue goals,” says Brad Sugars. “Our goal is to create an ecosystem of C.A.R.E. (Community, Accountability, Results and Education) that businesses can tap into as they meet challenges along the way. We are creating a network where more business owners learning from each other, led by the professional, certified business coaching services of ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, to grow their profits,” Sugars states.

The local ActionCOACH Tampa Bay has invested to bring the founder of the #1 business coaching services franchise in the world, Brad Sugars, to the area so that he can share how businesses can thrive by growing their business smarter without having to work additional hours. “Brad is an engaging speaker that always gets you seeing a familiar topic in a new light that leads to clear simple actions and new results,” shared Juliet Kyes, Managing Partner of ActionCOACH Tampa Bay. “We are thrilled to be able to invest in our community with an event hat combines world-class education, edutaining international speaker, and effective networking that generates more powerful connections then traditional networking events.”


About ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

ActionCOACH Tampa Bay firm ranks in the top 5 firms globally in their international franchise and have six top-ranking coaches on their team dedicated to serving businesses in the local area. This firm is passionate about guiding business owners to build a saleable business that works without them so they can finally have the freedom and success. As a Business CARE company, our services focus on 4 key areas: Community + Accountability + Results + Education. Business ownership is a journey not a sprint and our services have you covered in each phase from chaos to stable to successful to expansion to legacy. The unique pairing of one-to-one business and executive coaching, peer partner program, group coaching, strategic planning and monthly masterminding to keep your business moving forward. This is more than just a network, this is an opportunity to join a community and 30x Your Life & Your Business!

Consider this.... the problems, issues and challenges you face in your business right have already been solved for you hundreds of times over by other businesses around the world. We bring those proven strategies and tested best practices right to your doorstep with tools, templates, focused planning and accountability to get them implemented.

About ActionCOACH®

ActionCOACH the world’s largest business coaching franchise, was established and founded in Brisbane, Australia by Brad Sugars in 1993 when the concept of business coaching was still in its infancy. Since franchising the company in 1997, ActionCOACH has helped business coaching become more mainstream and the company has nearly 1,100 coaches in more than 75 countries working with approximately 18,000 businesses weekly to improve results. ActionCOACH specializes in coaching small to medium-sized businesses as well as executives, and their teams. ActionCOACH maintains its growth and strategic alliances by continual development of cutting-edge innovative technology, proven business processes, and systems to add value, satisfaction, and additional income streams for its franchisees. ActionCOACH’s global headquarters is in Las Vegas. Visit  for more information.

About Brad Sugars

Originally from humble beginnings Brisbane Australia, he is the Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH. Sugars has an unstoppable drive to share, motivate, and educate, he helps entrepreneurs and business owners expedite their path to success and achieve impactful results. He recently launched is Big Success Podcast and is one of the most influential serial entrepreneurs of his age. He is a bestselling author, sought-after professional speaker, and a devoted family man to his wife Lauren and their 5 children living in Las Vegas, Nevada where ActionCOACH is headquartered.

Contact: Juliet Kyes, 727-786-2900,

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