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Holistic medicine and health (and also natural cosmetics and natural nutrition/supplements) are currently on the rise worldwide. Due to the Covid pandemic, an increased awareness and associated demand for holistic and alternative medicine has developed.The effectiveness of holistic medicine has been known for decades.

The technology we use, developed internationally by scientists, achieves groundbreaking results.

The Academy also uses products and technologies developed in the United States.

The US market for holistic medicine is one of the largest markets worldwide. The population is increasingly taking responsibility for their own health and is willing to invest more and more purposefully in themselves.

Everyone wants to live healthier and longer, be more attractive and look young. By combining our selected products and technologies, this can be realized in the short and long term.

More than 800 specialists from medicine, quantum medicine, quantum physics, research and science are united in the Academic Alliance with which we cooperate.

The Academy focuses on energy and space medicine, frequency medicine, regulatory medicine, integrative medicine, quantum medicine, quantum physics, alternative healing methods as well as Eastern medicine, teledoctorate, as well as courses, lectures, seminars and trainings. Conferences are planned regulary.

Well-known scientists and doctors from the USA are already part of our team of experts at the Academy.

The Academy offers various cooperation programs and projects

The International Academy of Holistic Medicine Health Beauty & Arts Inc. has developed a unique Branch and Sales system. This can be duplicated worldwide and offers the sales partner the most versatile possibilities to successfully apply our selected products and technologies to its patients and customers.

It is important to us that the treatment costs of holistic medicine wiil be covered by health insurance companies in the future. First negotiations have already been held and a concept has already been developed.

Our know-how is based on an experienced team, close cooperation with specialists from home and abroad and a very well-rehearsed process organization.

Benefit from professional support and training, from Sales Health Ambassador to top executive.

We support you in building your company and your team so that you can achieve your goals quickly.

We have decades of experience in the holistic area on an international level and know exactly what is important.

Outstanding engineering, made in Germany, in combination with the highest quality materials ensure a long-lasting function of our various products in the wellness and health/therapy sector.

Experience how you and your customers can improve your health and holistic well-being.

Our products can be used in the field of health, strengthening, flexibility, massage and relaxation and are a proven partner in prevention, rehabilitation, therapy, competitive sports and beauty.

You work independently (1099) with very good commissions and an attractive bonus system for you and your team. If you come from the field of wellness, therapy or health, it is an advantage, but all others who are outside the industry and want to succeed are also welcome.

Write to us at

Or call or write on whatsapp / sms

7242638083 (English & German) or 2244631124 (Russian)

We are based in St.Petersburg, FL  and we work in north and southamerica

Additional Info

Job Type : Part-time, Full-Time

Preferred Qualifications : Sales

Job Benefits : High Comision and perfect Bonus system

Needed Availability/Scheduling : up to you - start now

Preferred Experience : Wellness , Fitness , Sports

Type of Location : One location

The Location(s) (N/A if not applicable) : Florida

Pay/Salary : Comision and Bonus

Employer contact information :

COVID-19 mask requirement? : No, we do not require employees to wear a face mask.

COVID-19 vaccine requirement? : No vaccine required

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