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The B-12 Store, St. Pete


Health & Wellness


The B-12 Store St Pete is an individually owned & operated health and wellness store offering a variety of vitamins administered via intramuscular injection. This group of three women run a family style operation as they are mother/daughter & lifelong friend. The passion for wellness began at an early age for one of our owners as she had to supplement with vitamin injections to address deficiencies and prolonged illness. Through supplementation in this fashion, she found restored health and an initiative for wellness that she wanted to share with everyone she could. The results from these supplements continued to inspire close friends and family members who wanted to jump on board to bring this amazing, effective, preventative way of wellness to as many areas as we can! Vitamin injections include B12, C, D3, Biotin, Zinc, B-Complex, Glutathione, Nad+ Lipo, Body Comp, Tri-Immune, Mineral Blend, and even Tri-Mix (a self-administered treatment for ED) and much more! Monthly packages available, no appointments necessary. Injections given by licensed FL Nurse & overseen by a Physician on Staff. Our vitamins are naturally activated, not synthetic. Efficacy is at 100% via injection, as opposed to an average of 20-30% efficacy with oral supplements. Frequency recommended is every 7-10 days. We look forward to serving you & the community!

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