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Cardio Sport - St. Pete


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Cardio Sport was developed as a fitness solution for people who love Team Sports! We offer our signature athlete meets rock concert style group classes (TEAM DYNAMIC), personal and small group strength training (THE CST).  We also offer a full virtual on demand platform that can be streamed from anywhere.  These workouts are highly effective and ideal for individuals, teams, and organizations seeking top fitness and wellness results.

We are The Workout Of Sports© and music! Cardio Sport© Studios deliver our signature comprehensive training system that gets participants into the best shape of their lives.This unique method is designed to excite and inspire athletic minded people. The technical definition of Cardio Sport is 'comprehensive athletic conditioning integration,' but all you need to know for now is that what we do and how we do it is different and more effective than any other program on the market today. If you once played a sport...are a fan of sports.. if you love music... you will love the Cardio Sport training environment because it has been designed for you. Sessions include cardiovascular, strength, agility, plyometrics, as well Athletic Intelligence training to improve reaction time and mental sharpness under fatigue – everything you need to create the optimal athletic body and mind. Whether you are seasoned athlete or a novice who simply loves sports and music, and wants to look and feel great, this program is for you! ​

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Pet Friendly : Yes

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