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Thrive DTSP is hiring - Work for St. Pete's most energetic coworking community!

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We are Thrive-ing! We are expanding and adding 2 dynamic people to be at the very heart of entrepreneurial growth in St. Pete.


Thrive DTSP is a coworking, shared office, and private office workspace hub, in the heart of Downtown St. Pete. More than just desks and offices, we are a hive of business growth and connection in our city, and we are the most diverse and inclusive work space in St. Pete. We are a fun, nice, involved, collaborative and authentic member community of caring and ambitious people.

The energy here is electric! The Chamber of Commerce and St. Petersburg Greenhouse host in-person events at Thrive, as do our 250+ amazing members from 95+ companies including tech startups, nonprofits, people from Fortune 50 firms, attorneys, coaches, designers, and changemakers. We are huge on creating opportunities for our members to connect organically and collaborate intentionally. In addition to facilitating introductions to members and St. Pete at large, we put on for our members Wine Nights, spontaneous pizza parties, tea tastings, lunch-and-learns, and more. We are growing nearly daily.


You are way more than a laundry list of accomplishments. Not that we don’t care about those things, but, well, actually, we kind of don’t care about those things. We are looking for the right person


Note: All positions at Thrive are 100% in-person and public-facing.

We’re unconventional around here, so instead of building an exact job and finding a body to fill it, we want to find the right people and build the specific job around them. As a rapidly-growing, successful company, there is plenty to do, so we will curate the best combination of duties to maximize success for our people and our business.

Community Curator / Operations - This full-time, salaried employee keeps things humming on a daily basis. The intermediary between members and the company, this person will equally engage with our member community and focus on internal operations. The goal for this position is to be primarily proactive, with reserved bandwidth to be be reactive when needed.

General responsibilities - specifics will be tailored to skills / experience / comfort level:

  • Creating and building Community - every day
  • Getting to know our member entrepreneurs and business owners to truly understand their unique needs / generating methods to capture this intelligence in a mineable way
  • Building and executing programming, services, offerings, and surprises to meet members' needs
  • Making introductions, creating connections, facilitating relationships
  • Supporting our larger St. Petersburg community with proactive, innovative and collaborative initiatives
  • Finding new and creative ways to engage with members and the community for collective success
  • Creating / scaling / implementing internal processes and systems 
  • Managing people - members, staff, etc. 
  • Problem-solving on the fly - whether it be interpersonal, logistical, technological, operational, mechanical, etc. - figuring out how to fix things quickly, efficiently and taking it all in stride
  • Making sure Thrive has what it needs to support our members
  • Wearing many hats as needed to support the needs of Thrive

An ideal fit for this position is someone with retail management, hospitality management, or experience in business operations for a client-facing company. This is not an entry-level position.


Community Engagement Specialist - Full-time or part-time. This person gets paid to interact with some of the smartest, boldest, most interesting people in St. Pete. While this person's role will be primarily reactive, we are innovators and work as a team, so ideas, input, intelligence, and innovative suggestions are expected! Specifics will be tailored to skills / experience / comfort level, but in general:

  • Creating and building Community - every day
  • Getting to know our member entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Engaging with prospective members
  • Participating in and helping to execute member engagement opportunities
  • Juggling people and place - helping to meet member needs and helping keep the physical space consistent with our community values
  • Representing our brand to members, visitors, and the public
  • Pitching in when and where needed to solve problems efficiently

An ideal fit for this role is a college student, a recent college grad, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone burnt out on the hospitality grind but a love of hospitality.




Drop us a line to and just tell us in REAL TALK who you are and why you’re amazing. We are unimpressed by “Exponentially increased ROI over three consecutive quarters while simultaneously making quantifiable reductions in expenditures in critical cost areas." {snooze} We get positively giddy over things like, "A customer at the clothing store I managed baked me cookies every week because I always remembered her exact size and pulled styles she likes before she even arrived," or "Threw a beach party for a bunch of accountants and got every last one of them on the slip-n-slide" or "I am building a bakery startup as a side hustle while I learn as much as I can about what yeasts work best in humidity."

Resume / Cover letter? As long as they tell a good story about you, then sure, send them over. If either is generic and snooze-worthy, skip it and just email us and tell us about you. If you happen to be at Thrive for another reason (event, meeting, etc.) introduce yourself, but please don’t pop by unannounced otherwise. We’re crazy busy, which is why we need another person or two on our team!

Looking forward to hearing from people are excited to engage with a magical work environment where no two days are different!

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time, Part-time

Preferred Qualifications : - Engaging

- Personable

- Natural problem solver

- Curious

- Reliable

- Structured but flexible

- Fun

- Organized

- Energetic

- Strategic

- Planner

- Conversational

- Genuine

- Willing to get your hands dirty

- Observant

- Enjoy figuring stuff out

Job Benefits : Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Life insurance

Needed Availability/Scheduling : M-F 8am - 6pm

Preferred Experience : Business operations
Retail management
Hospitality management

Type of Location : One location

The Location(s) (N/A if not applicable) : Downtown St. Pete

Pay/Salary : Varies

Employer contact information : Brooke Beeler -

COVID-19 mask requirement? : Yes, we require employees to wear a face mask.

COVID-19 vaccine requirement? : No vaccine required

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